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Counties Served: Ocean County, Atlantic County (Excluding Atlantic City)Souther Monmouth County, Burlington County....

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Core Services Offered

Please select all the services your company offers from the list below.
Initial Services - Eviction Process
Initial Services - Cash for Keys
Initial Services - Initial Trash Out
Initial Services - Initial Lawn Maintenance / Yard Services
Maintenance - Complete Boarding of Windows/Doors
Maintenance - Securing of Properties
Maintenance - Plumbing Repairs
Maintenance - Electrical Repairs
Maintenance - Fence Repairs
Maintenance - Pool Covers
Maintenance - Above Ground Pool Removal
Maintenance - Spa/Hot Tub Removal
Maintenance - Lawn Maintenance / Yard Services
Maintenance - Maid / Cleaning Services
Maintenance - Winterizing
Maintenance - De-Winterizing
Maintenance - Heating and Air Conditioning
Rehabilitation - Interior - Exterior Painting
Rehabilitation - Drywall - New / Repairs
Rehabilitation - Carpentry
Rehabilitation - Electrical
Rehabilitation - Plumbing
Rehabilitation - Ceramic Tile
Rehabilitation - Flooring (Carpet / Wood / Tile)
Rehabilitation - Countertops / Cabinets
Rehabilitation - Maid Service / Cleaning / Trash Removal
Rehabilitation - Garage Doors
Rehabilitation - Fences
Rehabilitation - Roofing
Other - General
Other - Intrusion Detection Systems
Other - Video Surveillance Systems
Other - HVAC Installation / Repair
Other - Multimedia Installation
Other - Technical Service


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